Limba Mountain Bike: Your Affordable Adventure Companion

Jan 11, 2024Deana Lam
Limba Mountain Bike: Your Affordable Adventure Companion

Hey adventure seekers! Get ready to roll into excitement with our latest blog post – I’m about to spill the beans on what makes every pedal count. Exploring outdoors, finding your dream ride, all while staying on budget. Curious? I’ve got the lowdown on key features and wallet-friendly options for limba mountain bike.

So, grab kick back, and let’s chat about the kind of adventure that’s waiting for you on two wheels.

What is a Limba Mountain Bike?

Limba Mountain Bike is made for exploring cool places on bumpy roads. It’s tough and can handle tricky trails and big hills. It comes in different types. Each good for a specific way of riding – fast trails, steep hills, or all-around fun.

However, these are built strong with a solid frame. Having suspensions, brakes, and easy-to-use gears. Get ready to ride the trails with Limba Mountain Bikes which is the symbol of outdoor adventure!

For Whom It’s Made for?

It’s an ideal choice for adventure lovers. As made for people who love outdoor adventures on a bike. If you enjoy trails, exploring mountains, or just having fun off the regular roads, the Limba is for you. It’s strong, versatile, and ready for anyone who wants to have a good time riding in nature.

Difference Between Normal & Mountain Bike


Mountain Bike

Normal Bike


Off-road trails, rough terrain

Pave roads, city commuting


Sturdy, often with suspension

Lighter, no suspension


Wide, knobby for trail grip

Slim, smooth for efficient road riding


Multiple gears for various terrain

Fewer gears, ideal or flat surfaces


Front/rear suspension for shock absorption

Rigid frame, no suspension


Wide for off-road control

Narrow for a streamlined position


Disc brakes for rough terrain

Rim brakes, suitable for smoother surfaces


Adventure, off-road exploration

Commuting, leisure rides

5 Features of Limba Mountain Bike

Below are some of the voodoo limba mountain bike features which makes it an ideal choice for adventurers:

·         Tires

First of all, tires are the vital component of a mountain bike.  The Limba includes impressive features which offers a smooth and enjoyable ride. The WTB Riddler Comp 700c x 37 tires provide a strong grip, making off-road adventures a blast.

Thanks to the Voodoo Steel forks, this bike is not only tough but also responsive, making it well-prepared for tackling various terrains with ease.

Whether you’re cruising through trails or navigating challenging landscapes, the Limba Mountain Bike promises a reliable and exciting experience, making every ride an adventure to remember.

·         Drivetrain

Secondly, let’s talk about the bike’s drivetrain. The bottom bracket uses a Thread BC design, measuring 1.37 x 24T, making it strong and stable. The Shimano 8-speed cassette/freewheel with an 11-28T range lets you shift gears smoothly as you ride.

Further, the KMZ Z-83 chain, 1/2″ x 3/32″ with a 12000-link capacity can last and allow things to run smoothly.

·         Chain set

Thirdly,  this bike comes with a tough KMZ Z-83 chain, sized at 1/2″ x 3/32″, boasting a whopping 12000 links for durability and smooth rides. This chain is strong, so it ensures a reliable and efficient biking experience.

Now, onto the chain set – the Limba packs an 8-speed setup. For the small-sized (S) model, the chain set measures 170mm, while the medium and large-sized (M/L) models have slightly longer 175mm chain sets.

So, this just means the pedals are set at lengths for different-size of riders. It’s all about giving you a comfortable and efficient biking journey, no matter your size or the trail you’re tackling.

·         Front & Rear Brakes

Limba is equipped with reliable brakes both at the front and back. The front brake, a Tektro MD-C400 (MIRA), features a 160mm rotor.

Meanwhile, the rear brake mirrors this with another Tektro MD-C400 (MIRA) and a 160mm rotor.

Whether you’re tackling hills or cruising along trails, these brakes provide the assurance and control essential for an enjoyable and safe biking experience. You can easily navigate various terrains. It brings your bike to a smooth stop when needed. These brakes are for effective performance.

·         Headset

The Limba has a headset that’s thread less and semi-integrated, with a size of 1 1/8″. In simpler terms, this part connecting the handlebars to the bike doesn’t have threads, and it fits into the bike frame in a specific way. That’s how this design aims to keep things straightforward. It offers a smooth and controlled steering experience while you’re out riding.

Final Words

All in all, no matter if you’ve explored the rough trails before. Even if you’re new to this hobby, Voodoo Cycles welcomes you warmly. Our Limba Mountain Bikes are trained for hard paves and tough moves. With the right gears and a stylish bike, you can enjoy the nature you’ve done before. Individuals who are ready to explore the outdoors, it’s time to start today.