Confident Riding: Explore the Voodoo Soukri Women’s Mountain Bike

Jan 11, 2024Deana Lam
Confident Riding: Explore the Voodoo Soukri Women’s Mountain Bike

Women have been mountain biking since the 20th century. The first competition in cycling was held in the late 1880s. But today, this sport has gone through many advancements. Every sports girl performs beyond expectations, from the longest trails to steeper paths. Therefore, having a perfect combination of person and bike is a must. Yet, The Best Voodoo Soukri Women’s Mountain Bike can be the top choice for an ideal track.

Whether you’re a casual biker or at a pro level, this two-wheeler is designed to meet curvy path explorers’ requirements. We are passionate about every bike we manufacture. Put attention to detail and deploy top-notch talent to produce a stunning product.

Finding a potent voodoo cycle is challenging when a lady enters this sport. But we take the liability of it publicly after analyzing what we deliver.

What Makes the Voodoo Soukri Women’s Mountain Bike So Special?

Let’s deep dive into the product’s pros and cons and then finalize whether it’s worth buying.

Hardtail Mountain Bike

Since mountains are the highest tracktion places on the planet, riding a soft cycle is too risky, even at a slow speed. Meanwhile, bikers can’t take any challenge that leads to their life at stake. This Voodoo Cycle is made for rugged trails and can easily absorb rough tracks and sharp turns.

Alloy Frame

Secondly, a potent frame is everything for a cycle; it gets bent after a mid-high jump. It can create real troubles for the rider. But for a Voodoo Bike, one can feel secure with its robust alloy frame. The structure is assembled with other parts after quality assurance and testing in severe conditions. Because we care about our riders and

Great Comfort

Getting comfortable on a mountain bike sounds like a funny idea!

Isn’t it?

Because the bumpy tracks can’t provide comfort to riders, that’s true, but with a professional cycle, it is possible. For instance, our Soukri Womens Mountain Bike is upgraded with fantastic shock absorbers. It makes the rider feel like they’re on a highway road. Therefore, one can expect comfort and no stress on one’s body while riding it.


Changing gears after every stage is a must for a high-performance ride. Without it, a fantastic ride is impossible at all. Therefore, Voodoo Bike is equipped with 11-46 cassettes.

So, you’ll have better control over the steeper paths with enough gears depending upon the real-time scenario.

Hydraulic Disk Brakes

Once you reach the desired top spot, it’s time to come back down. But wait, don’t come as you step downstairs. The track is unpredictable, and you need complete control to slow, pause, and stop the cycle.

Yet, the hydraulic disc brake systems allow one to control the bike in the hour of need.

Adjustable Seats

No matter whether you need grounded or high seat adjustments. The new design can stay flexible on demand. Its simple lever system allows the bikers to adjust the saddle.

In addition, you don’t need to carry any tool to lose the nuts, adjust the saddle, and tighten it. Just do it in seconds and keep progressing again on the trail. The front of the Soukri has been upgraded with a larger 15mm thru-axle, increasing stiffness and making it compatible with a wider variety of forks and wheel combinations.


The Voodoo cycle features the Maxxis Ardent tire, which is famous for its performance and reliability. A 27TPI construction strikes a balance between durability and suppleness for aggressive off-road riding.

Yet, its folding bead design allows for easy loading to any location. So you can explore new places with full passion.

Rear & Front Wheels

Wheel combination is carefully engineered for optimal performance. The front wheel hub features an alloy with a boost of 110mm, a 15mm bolt-through axle, and suspension for a durable design. This combo ensures ultra power transfer efficiency, allowing you to conquer steep vertical inclines with low effort.

On the other hand, the rear wheel hub is equipped with an Alloy, having a boost of 148 and through-axle, resulting in a smooth and controlled ride over rough, challenging terrains. Yet, the size of the rim is 29″ Alloyblack, 32H carrying tire size of 29″ x 2.25″.

Available in 3 Sizes

Voodoo cares about its customers very much. To provide the best value under a limited budget, we offer three sizes to suit the female rider’s needs. Once you’re on our sales page, there are three sizes available for Voodoo bikes: Small, Medium, and Large.

  1. Small: It is ideal for teenage girls who don’t need a giant bike.
  2. Medium: Best for females of moderate height and shape, such as moms, working women, and homemakers.
  3. Significant: It suits mountain biking enthusiasts who want to ride a big bike, have a taller physique, and are bulky.

Note: Each size offers the same features and portrays variations in its bulkiness.


Ready to ride and conquer the mountains?

We hope you’ll enjoy the journey of exploring new spots with our Soukri Women’s Mountain Bike. Invite colleagues and friends to join you to add more joy to this sport. There’ll be healthy competition among you. However, it will make the rides memorable for a long time. We’d love to serve you an outstanding delivery experience. Get it today with the above features at competitive prices.

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