About Voodoo Cycles


VooDoo was founded in 1994 by a diverse group of cyclists from many backgrounds in design, racing, retail and business. Our mission is to create an unparalleled bicycle brand that captures the essence of the mountain, transforming each rider into a fearless spirit.

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VooDoo’s not only edgy and cool; our roots are in nature and the natural forces. VOO means introspection and DOO means into the unknown. It’s about allowing one to take a journey into the unknown (forest, trails, mountains) and return unharmed. At VooDoo we believe a personal sense of magic can be activated by rediscovering the hidden entrance to that forgotten path. A mere quarter turn away in any direction lies that same world transformed into something extraordinary.

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Creation is at the heart and comes from the soul of the VooDoo philosophy. At VooDoo, we believe we are all alchemists of the trail, turning dust into gold. Each bike is uniquely designed with meticulous attention to detail, perfectly balancing form and function with value and performance. Our talented pool of designers come from each fold and crevice of the world, aligning into one tribe to conjure the magic of the VooDoo masterpiece. Balance, unity and harmony is the key to life, it is also the key to a perfect geometry - a perfect bike design.

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Whichever means you choose to conjure a personal VooDoo ride, you are guaranteed to get the kind of support, quality and price that one might expect from a guardian spirit. In the VooDoo dimension, we are constantly seeking a higher plane in frame design and performance. When you grasp the grips of the ride and look within, you will realize that you are more than a master of the trails- you are the trail.

You are its embodiment.

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