Why Electric Mountain Bikes are Becoming More Popular

May 31, 2023Deana Lam
Why Electric Mountain Bikes are Becoming More Popular

Since the start of this century, a silent revolution has taken place in the niche of mountain biking that has transformed in an outstanding way the experience of off-road cycling. This epic transformation has been led by electric mountain bikes, which are a fusion of human power with electric propulsion. These innovative machines offer a thrilling and eco-friendly alternative to traditional bicycles, empowering riders to go farther, faster, and with less effort.

What difference between a traditional mountain bike and the electric one?

Electric mountain bikes differ from traditional mountain bikes in a way that they have an electric motor and a battery integrated into the frame. This electric motor and battery offer different levels of assistance and modes that a rider can choose from depending on the difficulty of the trail.

The battery along with the motor is capable of providing hours of support to the rider. This powerful, innovative, and advanced feature tremendously improves the riding experience by providing assistance that ranges from a gentle push to a powerful assist. By using Electric Mountain bikes riders can significantly enhance their range of pedaling or the distance they tend to cover.


Reasons that account for the popularity of electric mountain bikes

The following are the reasons for the enhanced popularity of electric mountain bikes

  • Electric motors, batteries, and control systems have advanced significantly. This has led to the creation of powerful and lightweight E mountain bikes. Riders can easily tackle challenging trails while also extending their range.
  • Now with the assistance of powerful motors mountain biking has become easy and accessible. Even adults or those with physical limitations, like obese individuals, can now enjoy mountain biking with e-mountain bikes. The high-capacity batteries in these bikes have significantly increased the distance individuals can cover compared to traditional mountain bikes.
  • Electric Mountain bikes offer an eco-friendly and greener alternative when it comes to exploring scenic landscapes dipped in nature. In contemporary times, more and more focus is on sustainability and climate-friendly modes of transportation. Thus, Electric Mountain bikes are a perfect alternative to gas-guzzling bikes for sports as well as for recreation.
  • Many mountain bike brands have emerged in the past few decades. Each heavily invests in research and development. The natural outcome of this is the rise of electric mountain bikes. Companies have noticed the increasing demand for motorized mountain bikes. They appeal to a broad demographic, allowing even retiring bikers to continue enjoying the sport without physical limitations.
  • The manufacturers of electric MTB set aside a hefty budget for their marketing efforts. However, the rise of social media platforms and online communities dedicated to mountain biking has played a significant role in popularizing of these powerful mountain bikes. They have aptly through various demonstrations of personal experience showcased the capabilities of electric mountain bikes.


Top Electric Mountain Bikes On The Market

Explore the top three electric mountain bikes, chosen based on overwhelmingly positive reviews for their standout features and benefits in the market.

  1. Voodoo Bizango E Shimano: This bike is incredibly innovative. It features a powerful electric motor that provides the support needed to conquer the toughest trails. Its electric motor that makes climbing easy comes with four modes of riding: Boost, Trail, Eco, and Off. This high-strength hardtail mountain bike comes with a lightweight alloy frame and has 10-speed gearing for reliable transmission. Its hydraulic disc brakes provide superior stopping power, and its geometry ensures impeccable control. Moreover, its rocks-hock suspension 29” x 2.4” Maxxis Ardent tires – provide you with an exceptional riding experience on any terrain. Lastly, with just 5 to 6 hours of charging it can go for 40 miles enough to complete a full day of riding.
  2. ZOBOP-E: This is another electric mountain bike introduced by Voodoo that comes further than its erstwhile counterpart in performance, agility, range, comfort, and strength. It comes with a 504Wh battery that provides 60 miles of range in all conditions. Its Shimano Steps E7000 motor is centrally mounted supporting excellent balance and superior torque. It is a full-suspension electric mountain bike that supports smart control systems that prevent the battery from overheating and overcharging. The charging time of the battery is 6-7 hours and allows the bike to maintain five riding modes which are boost, trail, walk, eco, and off. Lastly, it comes with 27.5-inch superior grip wheels that are backed by hydraulic brakes thereby providing outstanding control.



The rise of electric mountain bikes has brought a positive difference in the transportation culture. Many advanced economies with strict environmental regulations have encouraged the use of sustainable and physically beneficial modes of transportation. This is where these versatile machines stand on the top. These mini-electric vehicles that have tremendously improved in design, performance, and range are increasingly used to commute to work and leisure rather than just being used for sports. In fact, they have offered an excellent alternative to conventional vehicles.