What Are the Benefits of Owning a Rada Gravel Bike?

Mar 28, 2024Deana Lam
What Are the Benefits of Owning a Rada Gravel Bike?

Do you want a bike that combines the elegant design with the excitement of off-road riding? Voodoo Cycles’s Rada gravel bike is the best option for you. There are many reasons to enjoy riding a Rada, regardless of your experience level or reason for starting your two-wheeled romance.

What is a Rada Gravel Bike?

Do you know what a Rada Gravel Bike is?

The versatile nature of a Rada gravel bike is one of its greatest features. These bikes are made to handle a variety of surfaces, including smooth city streets and gravel roads.

Thus, a Rada dirt bike is the ideal travel partner if you enjoy the thought of taking an impromptu off-road diversion on your way home. It’s similar to having unrestricted access to whatever location you choose—just freedom.

Top 9 Benefits of Rada Gravel Bike 

Let’s examine the key characteristics of Voodoo Cycles’s Rada Gravel Bike and discuss what they mean to you as a rider. Together, these characteristics guarantee that your bike will be dependable, adaptable, and prepared for any journey—whether you’re a skilled gravel grinder or a weekend warrior.

Reynolds 853 Steel Frame Material

The frame is what we mean when we discuss the bike’s heart. Reynolds 853 steel, well-known for having a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio, is used in the Rada.

For you, what does this mean?

A lightweight and robust frame that can withstand wear and tear and absorb vibrations on uneven terrain. It feels like you’re riding on a nail-hard cloud.

Fork: 296 A to C

The fork’s 296 mm axle-to-crown length provides a balanced ride on both short descents and high climbs. This measurement affects the bike’s overall geometry, providing stability and control whether you’re traveling over uneven terrain or negotiating tight turns.

2X Drivetrain

With its wide range of gears accessible owing to its 2X Drivetrain, the Rada may be utilized on various terrains. The 2X system ensures you have the proper gear ratio to maintain an efficient and fun ride. Even if you’re riding over level ground or climbing a steep uphill, it’s about resilience and strength to take on any task.

2X Bottle Mounts

Riding in difficult terrain demands planning in addition to talent, particularly about water. Some might not notice this little feature, but the Rada bike cleverly provides two bottle attachments to meet this necessity.

For extended periods where water sources are few, this function is revolutionary. It’s not enough to carry water; you must also ensure you have everything you need. You can keep your energy and enjoyment levels up during the journey.


The bike has contemporary thru-axle dropouts, measuring 142 mm in the back and 100 mm in the front. This setup improves the bike’s overall stiffness and handling accuracy. This translates to you getting a bike that reacts to your inputs more precisely, particularly on tricky terrain, making the ride safer and more pleasurable.

Rack Mount

You’re equipped with rack mounts to take on the adventure ahead. The addition of racks increases the bike’s usefulness for short shopping runs or multi-day backpacking excursions. It’s about being able to travel with what you need on you.

Bottom Brackets

The BSA 68 bottom bracket is evidence of the bike’s dedication to dependability and simplicity of upkeep. This standard size ensures a quiet ride and smooth pedal feel because it is widely compatible and well-known for its endurance. This type of low-maintenance dependability allows you to concentrate less on bike maintenance.


The main consideration when selecting a 27.2mm seatpost diameter is comfort. Because of its slightly increased flex, this size helps to lessen fatigue on extended rides by absorbing road vibrations. It’s a small detail, but after spending hours on the saddle, it does make a difference.

Headset Bottom

The tapered headset of the bike is a clever design element that strikes a balance between durability and lightweight, narrowing from 1-1/2″ at the bottom to 1-1/8″ at the top. This specific design increases the bike’s front-end rigidity.

This translates to a smoother, more accurate ride as you accelerate or navigate rough terrain. It guarantees that no matter what kind of adventure lies ahead, your bike will always be responsive and ready to adjust to your demands.

Final Thoughts

Overall, a Rada Gravel Bike is much more than just a means of transportation. It’s an adventure ticket, a way to stay active, and a positive move for the environment. It’s a great option for someone who wishes to ride a bike worldwide because it’s strong, light, agile, and fast. So, are you ready to have earth-friendly fun on the roads and gravel? It’s more about enjoying the voyage than it is about arriving anywhere. Now visit Voodoo Cycles and ride.

I am looking forward to seeing you there!